Mycelial Networks

Tillsammans med medlemsorganisationen UKK – Organisationen for Kunstnere, Kuratorer & Kunstformidlere organiserade vi en två dagar lång nätverksträff med fokus på organisering och nya organisationsformer i relation till rådande kris(er).

Medverkade gjorde bland andra Art Lab Gnesta (SE), Culture Art Society – CAS (UK/DK), Den Kollektiva Hjärnan (SE), Jakob Jakobsen (DK), Laboratory for Aesthetics and Ecology (DK), Staying With The Struggle (DK/DRC), Sebastian Dahlqvist (SE), Terrassen (DK), The Union (DK). Programmet kommer att sändas digitalt och det är gratis att delta.

Utdrag från programmet:

During Mycelial Networks artists, collectives and organisations will reflect on: the skills, relationships and tools necessary in order to survive current and future consequences of the pandemic; how to organise and strengthen each other across national borders; how a revelation of arts institutions’ fragility could lead to a more solidaric (post-)pandemic future.

Mycelium is the vegetative part of a fungus, consisting of a network of fine white filaments. The mycelial threads act as an underground network, linking the roots of different plants, making it possible for plants to share nutrients and information. Thus the mycelium functions as an interspecies knowledge sharing network and facilitates mutually beneficial relationships of care and maintenance.

Friday 25 September

Throughout the day we will explore different strategies and methodologies of practicing collaboration, care, and solidarity, seeking strings of relations, networks, and strategies for obtaining a collective voice. We will consider ways of working across borders, community building and organising between activism and art. As well as what organising today means for the production of social and political relations.

14.30 Doors open

14.45 Welcome and introduction by UKK and AOOO — Art Organisations Out of Office

15.15 Talk by Sebastian Dahlqvist, Art Lab Gnesta, Den kollektiva hjärnan: A call for an art field we do not yet inhabit but continue to dream about.

16.00 Break 16.15 Talk by Jakob Jakobsen: Social Crisis Mental Crisis

17.00 Break

17.15–18.00 Panel: Sebastian Dahlqvist, Jakob Jakobsen, UKK

Saturday 26 September

With today’s program we will consider ways of working and organising across different intertwined oppressive structures. The presentations and panel will discuss some challenges with building new organisations; maintenance and sustainability, the role of an organisation in terms of solving conflicts, and ways in which to acknowledge and work with internal and external power structures.

13.45 Doors open

14.00 Presentation by Miriam Wistreich, Laboratory for Aesthetics and Ecology: Patterns in Resistance: Attempts at a Curatorial Strategy of Care

14.30 Talk by Staying With The Struggle: Asking not only how we are working together, but what we are working together to do. Or how to de-individualise questions of privilege. Or how to take the trouble beyond art

15.30 Break

15.45 Presentation by Culture and Art Society (CAS)

16.00 Presentation of The Union by Anita Beikpour and Claudine Zia

16.15 Panel: Staying With The Struggle, Culture and Art Society, The Union, UKK and AOOO

17.15 Break

17.30–20.00 Film programme curated by Terrassen. (Offline)

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